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Product Description

Backpack Thermal Fogger machine, easy and comfortable carry on back, convenient spray.

Backpack Thermal Fogger specially appropriate used for forestry, crop protection.

TSB-35 model is same function and performance like TSB-35 (W), only difference is its fogging tube is upright, no bend, appropriate spray more higher tree and crops.

TSB-35Model: TSB-35
TS-35WModel: TS-35W
Backpack Thermal Fogger Can spray both water and oil based chemicals, such as insecticides, fungicides, germicides and more.

Backpack Thermal Fogger bring the advantage of small fog droplet technology to agricultural crop and plant protection. It can create a fine, near-invisible fog of pesticide droplet that not only comes into contact with pest insect in flight, but also settle on plant surface, for an extended protection.

In tropical crop protection, Backpack Thermal Fogger has been widely used to successfully treat under large leaves where leaves form a "closed" canopy, the Backpack Thermal Fogger can carry chemicals up to the canopy, which allows the treatment material to settle onto leaves at great height. Four crops which are often treated are rubber and oil palm, cocoa, coconut tree.
Spray treatment is best carried out in the early morning, when the thermal upper current are at their strongest and the prevailing wind are at their weakest.


Technical Specification
Weight, empty  10 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)  700 X 345 X 950 mm
Weight, empty(L x W x H), (shipping data)  14.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H ), (shipping data)  1110 X 355 X 520 mm
Chemical tank capacity  6L
Fuel tank capacity  2.0 L
Fuel consumption  1.5-2L/h
Performance of combustion chamber  18.8 / 24.8 Kw / HP
Maximum flow rate  42 L/h
Flow rate with oil  8-42 L/h
Energy electricity  2 X 1.5 V
Pressure in chemical tank  0.25 bar
Pressure in fuel tank  0.06 bar