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Product Description

Model: TS-95
Vehicle-Mounted Thermal Fogger

Built for only the highest quality materials with rigorous quality control at all stages of assembly, ensure reliable and consistent starting And running.
Solution tank, petrol tank, and fog tube are manufacture from stainless steel.
The fog tube could be adjustable by means of an electric drive pusher by remote control or manual control.
All spraying function could be operated on the control panel, operate conveniently.
Available with manually operated starting pump and an electrical starter.
Vehicle or trolley mountable.

Optional Accessory
Remote control system
All formulation controls at operators hand, conveniently to use the remote controller to cut-off of formulation supply, to secure the safety. The remote controller allows the operator to control the running of the engines and the fog output from the cab, engine cut-off button on The remote controller, convenient operation.

Application Field
Especially designed for used in the large areas and spaces, such as the large warehouse and manufacturing plant, large greenhouses, plant Protection, etc.
To produce a high output of dense fog of the insecticide which will have an immediate effect with the correct chemical, for the control of The flying and crawling insects, such as mosquitoes, gnats, house flies, sand flies and black flies. When spraying in the outdoors and under the right weather conditions, the fog could drift over an infested area most effectively, so it is Very efficient to control the insect pest or the plant diseases. Now, the thermal fogger is widely used to control malaria and yellow-fever transmitting mosquito in the world today.

Technical Specification
Weight, empty in kg, approx. 47: 67(Packing Weight)
Dimensions in cm  L x W x H=200 X60X74; L x W x H=212X68X88(Packing Dimension)
Solution tank capacity in 1  60
Fuel tank capacity in 1/h, approx. 5
Fuel consumption in 1/h, approx. 4.0
Performance of combustion chamber in KW/HP 36.8/50
Average flow rate in 1/h(oil), approx. 60
Maximum flow rate in 1/h of oil based formulations, approx. 40
Energy  12V Li-ion battery
Pressure in the solution tank in bar, approx. 0.3