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Travertine Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration


Naturally porous travertine has a tendency to open new voids over time.  A high heel in the wrong spot and viola another hole, another place to catch dirt. Whether


Filling a chip or crack

Polishing out a scratch or dull spot

Seeking to convert an “open” travertine to a “filled” easy to clean travertine

MASTER CLEAN delivers the goods.


Chips can be color matched with our buff epoxy repair compounds.  Once filled and set these compounds can be honed smooth and polished to match the stone finish.


Scratches and dull spots are diamond honed and then polished to blend with the natural stone finish.


Cleaning travertine is our specialty.  Whether “open” or “filled” MASTER CLEAN brings the right techniques to bear to deliver a clean, polished beautiful surface.  Need a cleaner to maintain a new or restored travertine surface.  MASTER CLEAN patented marble & travertine cleaners can help you maintain your surface’s natural beauty for years to come.


Spots, etches and light scratches can be quickly cured with MASTER CLEAN travertine polishing techniques.  Heavy scratches?  No problem.  A little honing once again you can have a scratch free surface finished to your taste whether matte, semi-gloss or gloss.


Tired of trying to keep dirt out of your open travertine?  Consider MASTER CLEAN Traverfil service.  Tired of the hastles associated with cleaning a floor full of dirt trapping holes?  MASTER CLEAN can employ its TRAVERFIL service to quickly fill all the holes present with a repair compound that can be honed and polished to yield a beautiful easy to clean floor.


Whatever your need a local MASTER CLEAN craftsman is just an email or call away.   Locate your closest MASTER CLEAN craftsman using the service.