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Educational Facilities Cleaning

MASTER CLEAN Cleaning Service offers cleaning services to educational facilities, such as public schools, private schools, colleges, and college dormitories. CAMBODIA schools are usually overcrowded, which increases the speed of dirt and bacteria accumulation. MASTER CLEAN Cleaning Service provides summer cleaning for dormitories, leaving them sparkling for the new school year

MASTER CLEAN services can also be provided for schools that need cleaning on a regular basis during the school year. This allows for the school to be kept up and also have a deep cleaning when necessary. MASTER CLEAN Cleaning Service also encourages schools to “go green”, by introducing green cleaning, which is cleaning done with eco-friendly products. This teaches students how to be environmentally friendly and is good for the earth.


Educational facilities MASTER CLEAN Cleaning Service provides services for:

Public Schools

Private Schools


College Dorms


Why should you hire professional cleaning services for schools?

Students spend most of the day at school and a dirty school spreads to sickness and absenteeism.

A clean school is a comfortable environment for students to learn and employees to work.


When you think about how colds and the flu are spread, our heavily-populated CAMBODIA schools make it very easy for children to come in contact with all kinds of germs, some of which can make them sick enough to stay at home and lose valuable class time.

At MASTER CLEAN, we know that few things are as painful for parents than seeing their children sick. And we understand the impact that sick time can have on school performance. That's why we're proud to extend our commercial cleaning services to educational facilities in Manhattan and the rest of the CAMBODIA metro area. We have extensive experience as a school cleaning company.


Our school cleaning services are available to public and private schools, colleges, and college dormitories throughout the CAMBODIA metro area. With expert cleaning and disinfecting practices, MASTER CLEAN helps halt the spread of germs and bacteria, making schools and dorms safer and healthier for students as well as workers in the CAMBODIA education system.


MASTER CLEAN services are available during the summer; schools and dorms will be left sparkling clean for the start of the fall session. If your facility would benefit from additional cleanings during the school year, or cleaning and disinfecting on a more regular basis, MASTER CLEAN will create a program of school cleaning services that suits your educational facility’s individual needs.


We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly with our commercial cleaning services, too. All of our products are biodegradable, so there are no harmful fumes or irritants left behind to circulate in school or dorm ventilation systems, or to be released into the atmosphere. You can breathe easier knowing your children are in a safe, clean learning environment. We can also offer organic cleaning products that we acquire in bulk so they help reduce the amount of packaging and waste material.